Are you a marina wifi user?

We have had some comment that people have had difficulties with wifi at the marina, particularly with tablets (if you think that is medication you needn’t read on!!) and so we have carried out some on site investigation and the findings are below.

Firstly there are no known issues with wifi in the marina at present.  We discussed the issues with tablet use but it is suspected that the issue lies with the wifi seeking in the individual tablets and Ian (CQBHA Committee) who investigated this agreed.

He took his iPad to the marina and it took nearly 5 minutes to find the hotspots, 4 at that time. He then tried to connect to each one, 3 timed out and one connected. Once connected there were no problems losing the signal.  During this time his laptop connected instantly and ran throughout as did the PC running the tv in the shop (where Ian works).  Jude (from the shop) has also had issues with her Kindle.

Peter’s (Marina Manager) suggestion is that individual users with problems contact Wifi Spark at the time and they will help them connect with their equipment. Whilst this may be a little effort it might highlight a specific problem that no one is currently aware of.   Obviously the marina can be informed but them making the call to Wifi Spark will not help with individual issues as, as previously mentioned, there are no general issues at the moment highlighted by other types of equipment functioning ok.

The other issue with tablets is that they are portable by their nature and will drop the signal and try to reconnect possibly giving the problems we experienced with our iPad tests.

Finally, the update on the fibre optic installation is that it is hoped it will be live within 4 weeks.