Cruising Reports

We would encourage all members to submit an article for publication here. In this way you can share with other members your experiences, exhilaration, fears, frustrations and expertise. The desire to cruise further afield, apprehension about capability of craft, or weather and navigation worries are all emotions that we experience when contemplating cruising beyond the familiar waters of Poole Harbour and the surrounding coastline.

Please send your copy text and photo image files to and we will put them up asap.

For more stories and experiences see our Horizons Magazine page, it will give you a very good reading experience.

By Roger Wilson from Hector

By Roger Wilson from Hector

By Roger Wilson from Hector

By Roger Wilson from Hector

Our Cruise to Scotlands West Coast

By Roger Wilson from Hector

Cobbs Quay Channel Crossers

By Andy Woodhouse from Bongo

2013 the season that delivered at last button

by Kevin Butler

Thoughts from the Lymington cruise 2013 button

by Michealmas D

What happened in 2012 with our cruising button

by Kevin Butler

New to Confident button

by David, Jay Jay

Caravaning v Boating

by Jonathan Saunders

End of Summer Dinner Dance to Weymouth button

by Robert Miller

Double Whammy button

by Carol Turner