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on SATURDAY 24th March commencing at 10.00am

Committee Members present:-

Jonathan Saunders – Chairman

Kevin Butler – Vice Chairman

Carol Turner – Secretary

Val Grant – Membership Secretary

Peter Hayton – Webmaster

Jim Reynolds – Members Representative

Apologies from Committee members:-

Nina Dunne – Cruising Secretary

Sandra Watson – Treasurer

Clive Snow – No Portfolio

Emma Butler – Dry Stack Liaison & Facebook



The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the guest speakers – Neil Hardy and Gary Richardson from Swanage RNLI and Cobbs Quay MDL representatives Dave Wilson and Richard Marshall.Introduction

Jonathan thanked the members for attending and also the Cobbs Yacht Club for hosting the AGM.  He introduced the committee members and thanked them for their efforts through the year

Chairman’s Report

Jonathan illustrated his report with a PowerPoint presentation and began by reviewing the unchanged CQBHA Aims & Objectives:-

CQBHA Purpose

–      Bring people together to have a better experience cruising from Cobbs Quay and Davis’

CQBHA Vision

     –      Enabling members to ‘Go Further‘

CQBHA Key Strategies

  • Promote safety and skills
  • Develop members’ experience of cruising
  • Continue to enhance communication with members
  • Continue to be seen by MDL as a valuable partner

Of the 12 key objectives of the Association for 2017/18, the following were successfully achieved:-

  • Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year
  • Contribute to at least 2 social and training activities for the benefit of members

These were partly successful:-

  • Positively influence the functionality of the bridges
  • Contribute to the use and experience at the Cobbs Yacht Club
  • Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives

CQBHA was unsuccessful in its attempts to:-

  • Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller/day boat users

The other objectives were:-

  • Develop quality relationships with the MDL team
  • Have a positive impact on the use of the Backwater Channel and the Harbour
  • Continue to develop communication with members
  • Liaise with MDL to give value add to members enhancing our joint working
  • Use finances prudently to the benefit of all members
  • Continue to develop a relationship with Davis’ Boatyard – office and members

Member Events during 2017/18

  • Cruises
    • Still the core of what we do
    • But still at the mercy of the weather!!
  • Land Events
    • MDL Summer Party
    • RNLI HQ visit
    • Harbour Control visit
  • Development Opportunities
    • Shore based courses, practical events

Association Successes for 2017/18

  • Membership increased by 26 this year – now around 950 members
  • Communication
    • Website – continues to develop – MAKE SURE YOU VISIT IT
    • Monthly member news email – Are you receiving us?
    • Facebook – Are you ‘liking’ us?
  • See what we have done
    • Articles now being published individually on web site
    • But Photos …….. Can we get photos? – No!
    • Investigating moving photos to Facebook
  • Bridges
    • Commented on plans for new marina and quay wall work in the ‘basin’
    • Limited activity/contact with Bridges Operating Board
  • Finances
    • Prudent financial control as ever – roughly a ‘break even’ position – to plan!
  • Online cruise booking and membership application and payment
    • Now in second year
    • Appears problem free

E Coms

  • Web Site Statistics:-
    • 49,257 hits this year – average 135 hits per day
    • 115,985 page views – average 317 page views per day
    • 35 pages per visit
  • Good range of advertisers – please mention us when you use them
  • Facebook has around 200 ‘likes’
  • Photoblog – around 120 visits so far this month, forever count > 15,000

The 12 key objectives of the Association for 2018/19 remain unchanged, but as in 2017 the committee’s priorities will be to:-

  • Positively influence the functionality of the bridges and basin
  • Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller/day boat users
  • Contribute to the use and experience at the Cobbs Yacht Club
  • Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year
  • Contribute to at least 2 social and training activities for the benefit of members
  • Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives

Plans for this year

  • 2018 Cruise programme (report by Cruise Leader Kevin Butler):-
    • Last year 7 cruises were planned of which 4 went ahead
    • This year 8 cruises are planned – starting in Easter with Shepard’s Wharf, Port Solent, Plymouth/Falmouth/Torbay, Port Hamble, Portland, Jersey/St Quay/Guernsey, Bembridge in early August and finishing with Weymouth.
    • In total 166 cruise spaces offered and currently only 14 left
    • Many of the cruises are being sponsored allowing for pontoon parties
    • Continuing with the ‘required’ briefing attendance
    • Note enhanced guidance for travel to France – customs, red diesel…
    • The Cruising Secretary – Nina Dunne – would be retiring in 2019 – so a replacement was required. This was a role that could be performed remotely by someone living outside the Poole area and did not require attendance at the committee meetings.
  • Training (report by Paul Glatzel)
    • Shorebased and practical courses in association with Powerboat Training UK:-
      • Courses available:-
        • Lifejackets & Flares
        • Using your VHF
        • Chartplotters (including use of phones and tablets)
        • Using a defibrillator and CPR
        • Ladies go boating
      • Sessions cost £5
    • Tell us what else you would like ….
    • If you have already experienced a session – spread the word…..
  • Representation
    • Pontoon reps – especially need a yacht rep and another Dry Stack rep
    • Social Media and young person’s rep needed to help Emma Butler
    • Continuing MDL/CQBHA contact
    • Promote member interests to the BOB and via RYA regional rep
  • Events
    • Marina Sea Safety Day with Boat Jumble – 14th April – contact MDL for details
    • Special events for Dry Stackers with a day boat cruise
    • Possibility of other events:-
      • Rifle Shoot?
      • Visit new floating Poole Lifeboat station? (Following the good response to the RNLI HQ Discovery Tour)
    • Yacht specific section? – need volunteers
  • Twin Sails Bridge/Poole Bridge/Basin
    • Proactively influence through Dave Wilson (the Leisure Rep on the BOB and now Chairman)
    • Respond positively to any consultation requests – need your input
    • Currently difficulties with Town Bridge balancing after the addition of new walkways and no bridge clear height display
  • Communication
    • Monthly e newsletter
      • Make sure we have your up to date email and other details
    • Website – important to look at it regularly – it’s where we put news
      • Articles, info and photos – contribute and take a look
    • Facebook – please like us!!


  • I would like to thank committee members for their help during 2017/18
  • Need more help on the committee
  • Other events – any ideas for events to engage all berth holders as well as CQBHA members
  • Cruising is still at the heart of the Association – same for 2018 – great to see many takers new and old
  • We would welcome feedback
  • And we have burgees and mugs for sale!!

Minutes of 2017 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM held on 1st April 2017 had been posted on the CQBHA website and copies were available at the meeting. Kevin Butler proposed acceptance of the minutes, Ivor Moorhouse seconded, and the motion was carried.  There were no matters arising.

Treasurer’s Report

On behalf of the Treasurer, Jonathan presented audited accounts for the period 01 January 2017 – 31 December 2017 and summary copies were available for members at the meeting.  Total income for the year amounted to £2517.99 with total expenditure of £2667.56, resulting in a small loss of £149.57.

The Michael Duffy Partnership Limited had audited the accounts and was willing to act again for CQBHA next year.  They were duly proposed, seconded and accepted unanimously by the meeting.

A member suggested that the cruise booking fee should be refunded if the cruise was cancelled due to bad weather. Kevin Butler explained that the cruise booking fee covered administration – which took place regardless. The fee had increased to £15 last season, after remaining at £10 for the previous 18 years – so represented good value.

 Special Resolution

The Chairman explained that in order to comply with new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the CQBHA Association Rules needed to change from the current wording: –

  1. Data Protection Act.
    Acceptance of membership of the Association shall be deemed to be consent by the member of the holding of the relevant personal data for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1984 and subsequent revisions or pertinent Acts.

To the new wording: –

  1. General Data Protection Regulations.
    From 2017, in seeking membership of the Association, you will have been asked to give your consent to the holding of the relevant personal data for the use by the Association.  This is essential for us to process membership, cruise bookings etc.  This data is never shared with people outside CQBHA.

For those whose membership predates this there is the option to have their details removed or to confirm what details are held.  Contact  

CQBHA had performed a data audit and developed a new privacy policy and notice – which had been posted on the website. The motion to change the wording was proposed by Kevin Butler, seconded by Jonathan Saunders and was accepted with the majority of those present indicating agreement.

Election of Officers

No new nominations had been received and all the current committee members were willing to stand for re-election. The Chairman suggested that the committee be re-elected en bloc in their current roles. This was proposed by Clive Jay, seconded by Steve Jones and accepted.

The official AGM business concluded at 10:45. After a short break, the meeting resumed to listen to the guest speakers.

Guest Speaker 1: Neil Hardy MBE, FNI – Lifeboat Operations Manager Swanage & RNLI Council Member

The new RNLI station at Swanage was built to accommodate the new Shannon class lifeboat. Design work on the Shannon began in 2010. A competition was held, that resulted in the building of 7 scale models. From these, 3 designs from the UK, Ireland and France were selected for further testing. The winner was selected ‘blindly’ and turned out to be the UK design from an ‘in house’ designer at the RNLI. The first 13 boats were built at Berthon, with 3 in build at any one time and each one completed in 8 weeks. The Shannon was designed to replace the Mersey class and is longer, wider and faster with more powerful engines, which use waterjets rather than propellers. The design allows for carriage launching and a speed of 20 knots in a Force 8 gale and with a hull lifespan of 50 years. It has a capacity for 23 casualties in self righting mode or 79 otherwise. The special sprung seats cost £10,000 each! Neil invited members to visit the Swanage Lifeboat station to see the Shannon – identified as 13-13 and so far there have been over 13,000 visitors. Neil explained that Swanage worked in close co-operation with Poole and Mudeford RNLI stations – known as the ‘Purbeck Project’ and conducted joint exercises. Our local area is thus very well covered by RNLI services!

Guest Speaker 2:  Gary Richardson – Swanage RNLI – Community Lifesaving Officer

Gary’s mission is to reduce the number of deaths by 50%. To this end, he had performed an analysis of the 284 Swanage Lifeboat shouts in the period 2012 – 2017. Some key statistics have emerged. In terms of boat type – 75 were yachts, 54 were motorboats. In terms of nature of incident – 54 involved loss of propulsion – which suggested more maintenance is required. There were 27 incidents involving rope entanglement – mainly involving yachts and low tide conditions. There were also 22 incidents where the skipper & crew were unable to cope with the conditions and 20 incidents of equipment failure. Gary related one incident where kayakers were unable to call for help –  a simple solution would have been a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch. Gary had brought some pouches along – that were available for a donation to the RNLI. Other incidents involved crews going ashore in tenders -without lifejackets – because they were too bulky to carry and too valuable to leave in the tender. Gary was investigating the provision of lifejacket lockers at Swanage and also possibly at Studland. Gary mentioned that maps were available showing lobster pot zones – from some shops, at RNLI stations and via Paul Glatzel. A member asked whether the RNLI was joining in the RYA campaign for better marking of lobster pots. The Swanage incident data would be passed to the RYA. Unfortunately, fishermen often wished to keep their locations secret and the worst hazards were black oil cans. Another member asked about the role of Sea Start.  Gary explained that the RNLI’s role was to save lives, but where possible they would also bring a vessel to a place of safety. At Swanage, this would often be the RNLI swing mooring. Thereafter the RNLI would often recommend using Sea Start or local dive boats to get the vessel back to its home port.

The Chairman thanked the RNLI speakers and commented that boat safety messages can never be heard too often, stressing the responsibility of the skipper for the safety of his crew, maintenance of his vessel and preparing an appropriate passage plan. He hoped that Neil and Gary would be able to continue their relationship with CQBHA via information and news items for the CQBHA email newsletter and website.

Guest Speaker 3: Dave Wilson – Marina Manager – Cobb’s Quay

Dave provided an update on marina matters. The Marina had undergone a £500,000 upgrade and now had a 1000W electricity supply, removing the need for generators during the winter months. Further infrastructure changes were planned for the pontoon electrics.

Following a visit to Saxon Wharf, Health and Safety inspectors had raised concerns about Dry Stack operations and the use of plant machinery in public areas. Consequently, staff would have to wear hard hats and stop moving the hoist in close proximity to pedestrians or vehicles. A reorganisation of the carpark was planned to reduce the impact on hoist movements. Furthermore, it was now forbidden to work on boats while on the bottom rack in the Dry Stack and a special work rack area would have to be used instead. Overall, the changed procedures were likely to be slower and reduce the number of daily lifts.  The new 40T hoist had arrived, which had a 6m fixed beam.

Dave announced that he was now the chairman of the Bridges Operating Board – as well as the Leisure Representative. (John Rice would be retiring in May.) Dave was keen to obtain better information for the BOB meetings and Jonathan had suggested a closed Facebook group as a method of reporting incidents and enquiries. There were still problems with Poole Bridge following recent maintenance and a Local Notices to Mariners would be issued for Wednesday 8th April when the bridge would be closed to both traffic and boats.

The MDL berthing renewal packs contained a list of marina events, which this year included two open air cinema events for ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Grease’.  More trolleys would be purchased as over the year as in recent months the number had reduced from 23 to 12!

The CCTV system had been upgraded to provide better night time operation. A number plate recognition system was planned.  A keypad upgrade was also planned to use a smart card, allowing collection of statistical information and the possibility of some form of reward scheme. The problem of speeding in the marina was raised. Dave believed that ‘No wash’ signs were better than a speed limit. In addition a tannoy system was being installed, so that any speeding boats could be ‘told off’.

Richard Marshall brought along an underwater camera, which was now available to berth holders to use, free of charge, to check their anodes. Dave advised that over the past 12 months, there had been a problem with accelerated anode erosion in certain areas of the marina. The cause was still unknown – but it was happening at Davis’ too.

Last year’s St Malo cruise had encountered problems, so a full refund had been given within 48 hours. Another cruise was available this year.

As of the 1st July, all hoses would be removed from the pontoons, to comply with water regulations, so berth holders would have to provide their own. On the positive side, the RPZ valves causing reduced water pressure, might be removed. Some spare rollup hoses would be available at the MDL office. A member suggested that more taps were required in the Dry Stack area to avoid the need for very long hoses.

Currently there were two empty offices at the marina. New bike racks had arrived and eventually any abandoned rusty bikes would be removed. A member suggested bike sheds with a roof should be provided, but Dave responded that these were not practical or cost effective.

Harbour dues had risen 8.9% this year, compared with a 4.6% rise in 2017 and was the 23rd year of price rises greater than inflation.  Both Dave and Jonathan noted the view that the harbour dues were not value for money. A member suggested creating a petition signed by the members at the AGM.  Jonathan felt that individual email complaints would carry more weight and asked for them to be sent to

The meeting closed at 12:15.


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