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held at COBBS YACHT CLUB on SATURDAY 1st April commencing at 10.00am.

Committee Members Present:- Apologies from Committee members:-
Jonathan Saunders – Chairman Nina Dunne – Cruising Secretary
Kevin Butler – Vice ChairmanCarol Turner – Secretary Sarah Cloke – Treasurer
Val Grant – Membership Secretary
Jim Reynolds – Members Representative
Clive Snow – No Portfolio
Emma Butler – Dry Stack Liaison & Facebook EditorSandra Watson – co-opted replacement Treasurer


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the guest speakers – Lyn Parsons from the Dorset Police Marine Section and Cobbs Quay MDL representatives:- Dave Wilson – Marina Manager – and Richard Marshall – Assistant Marina Manager.

Jonathan thanked the members for attending and also the Cobbs Yacht Club for hosting the AGM.  He introduced the committee members and pontoon representatives present and thanked them for their efforts through the year.  Jonathan welcomed Sandra Watson who had been recently co-opted onto the committee. Special thanks were given to Ian Wateridge, who had resigned from the committee earlier in the year and Sarah Cloke who was stepping down as Treasurer at the AGM.

Minutes of 2016 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM held on 19th March 2016 had been posted on the CQBHA website and copies were available at the meeting. The minutes were accepted unanimously and there were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

Jonathan illustrated his report with a PowerPoint presentation and began by reviewing the unchanged CQBHA Aims & Objectives:-

CQBHA Purpose

–      Bring people together to have a better experience cruising from Cobbs Quay and Davis’

CQBHA Vision

     –      Enabling members to ‘Go Further‘

CQBHA Key Strategies

–          Develop members’ experience of cruising from Cobbs Quay

–          Continue to enhance communication with members

–          Promote safety and skills

–          Continue to be seen as a valuable partner by MDL

Of the 12 key objectives of the Association for 2016/17, the following were successfully achieved:-

–          Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year

–          Contribute to at least 2 social and training activities for the benefit of members

These were partly successful:-

–          Positively influence the functionality of the bridges

–          Support an improved quality of experience at the Cobbs Yacht Club

–          Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives

CQBHA was unsuccessful in its attempts to:-

–          Enhance the involvement  of Dry Stack  and smaller/day boat users

The other objectives were:-

–          Develop quality relationships with the MDL team

–          Have a positive impact on the use of the Backwater Channel and the Harbour

–          Continue to develop communication with members

–          Liaise with MDL to give value add to members enhancing our joint working

–          Use finances prudently to the benefit of all members

–          Continue to develop a relationship with Davis’ Boatyard – office and members

Member Events during 2016/17 included:-

–          Cruises

–          which are still the core of what CQBHA does

–          but still at the mercy of the weather

–          Land Events

–          25th Anniversary party with MDL

–          Shooting evening

–          Visit to RNLI Lifeboat College

–          Development Opportunities

–          Shore based courses and practical events

Association Successes for 2016/17  were considered to be:-

–          25th Anniversary Party

–          Big commitment

–          Lots of ‘old’ faces

–          Major support from MDL Cobbs Quay team

–          Membership increased by 35 this year – now around 950 members

–          Communication

–          Website – continues to develop – please visit it

–          Monthly member news email  – please give us your email address to receive it

–          Facebook – please ‘like’ the CQBHA page

–          See what we have done

–          Articles now being published individually on web site rather than in a printed magazine

–          Photos …….. we still struggle to get photos for the Photoblog

–          Bridges

–          Chance to input to timetable during Poole Bridge repairs – both in advance and now as delays in completion are expected

–          Finances

–          Prudent financial control as ever.

–          In 2016 CQBHA supported the 25th Anniversary party financially

–          Introduction of the online cruise booking and membership application forms and payment

–          Can now book cruises and apply for membership through the web site

–          Form with required fields avoids error – and bad handwriting

–          Payment received date ensures fairness in place allocation

–          Helps members away from the marina

–          Main motivation to assist Cruise Coordinator

–          On the go-live date, an error in the CQBHA payment details was quickly spotted and rectified.

–          E Coms

–          Web Site Statistics :-

  • 47482 hits this year – with an average 130+ hits per day
  • 114,405  page views – with an average 313+ page views per day
  • 2.41 pages per visit
  • 37 (0.07%) Spams
  • Good range of advertisers – please mention us when you use them
  • About 300 visits to the Photoblog so far this month – with a forever count >12,876

–          Facebook has around 170 likes – and is the CQBHA channel for instant and urgent communications

–          Monthly email newsletter

The 12 key objectives of the Association for 2017/18 remain unchanged, but as in 2016, the committee’s priorities will be to:-

–                Positively influence the functionality of the bridges

–                Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller/day boat users

–                Support an improved quality of experience at the Cobbs Yacht Club

–                Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year

–                Contribute to at least 2 social and training activities for the benefit of members

–                Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives. 

Plans for 2017/18 are:-

–          2017 Cruise programme was overviewed by the Cruise Leader – Kevin Butler

–          Shepard’s Wharf for Easter, Gosport, Bembridge overnight stay, Guernsey, Portland overnight stay, Port Hamble overnight stay, Jersey & Guernsey & St Quay, Weymouth

–          Many approaching full with waiting list which is great

–          Kevin has been running CQBHA cruises for 18 years and 2016 was the worst ever for last minute drop-outs

–          For 2017/18 there were now only 30 places left out of the total 130 available

–          The cruise booking fee has remained at £10 for the past 23 years – so this year it has been increased to £15

–          Most cruises have a waiting list.

–           Kevin asked that members be courteous and advise of cancellations as early as possible, to allow others on the waiting list to participate.

–          Kevin stressed that attendance at the pre-cruise briefing was mandatory.

–          Training

–          The Association plans to continue to encourage attendance at shore based courses in association with Power Boat Training UK

–          Options include Diesel engine basics, Use of a plotter, Safety kit use

–          Tell us what else you would like ….

–          Defibrillator – idea initiated by Paul Glatzel of PBTUK. It was likely to be installed on the outside wall of the MDL Dock Office and PBTUK was also offering training

–          Representation

–          Pontoon reps – especially need a yacht rep and another Dry Stack rep

–          Continuing MDL/CQBHA contact

–          Promote member interests to the BOB

–          A pontoon reps meeting was planned for 15th April

–          Events

–          Special events for Dry Stackers with a day boat cruise

–          Rifle Shoot

–          RNLI visit – another?

–          Keen to involve yacht members – maybe even establish a yacht specific section? – need volunteers

–          Twin Sails Bridge/Poole Bridge/PHC

–          Enhance quality of the influence through Dave Wilson (the Leisure Rep on the BOB)

–          Respond positively to any consultation requests – need your input

–          Communication

–          Monthly e newsletter

  • Make sure we have your up to date email and other details

–          Website – important to look at it regularly – it’s where we put news

–          Articles, info and photos – contribute and take a look

–          Facebook – please like us!!


–          During 2016/17 your Committee has continued to work hard to take the Association forward – but we need more ideas of want you want

–          I would like to thank the retiring committee members for their help

–          Other events – any ideas for events to engage all berth holders as well as CQBHA members

–          Cruising is still at the heart of the Association – same for 2017 – great to see many takers new and old

–          CQBHA – “Enabling members to go further”

Discussion, Questions & Answers

A leaflet drop was suggested as a way of encouraging interest in a CQBHA Yachting section. However previous leaflet drops had occasionally caused damage when ink leaked onto upholstery, wood or fibreglass.

There was much discussion about the new online cruise booking system. Some members refused to use online BACs transfers as they felt Internet Banking was insecure. For these members Jonathan suggested an alternative of visiting their bank branch with a cheque and filling in a bank giro payment slip.

Some members were concerned that an error in the entering the CQBHA sort code or account number could result in the payment disappearing. Generally mistyped bank details would result in a payment rejection, as the account with the erroneous details would not exist.

Other members and committee members were disappointed that the new system was not a full online shopping cart system – like Amazon, allowing payment by debit/credit card or PayPal.  Jonathan explained that a cart system eg WorldPay or SagePay was expensive for the low number of CQBHA transactions. While PayPal was cheaper, Jonathan would not use it after having had his own bank account details hacked.

Use of MDL’s payment system was also suggested.

Roger Squires pressed for a vote that the committee’s decision on cruise bookings should be re-assessed. Jonathan proposed a motion that the current booking system was appropriate at this time and should not be changed and this was carried by a majority.

Treasurer’s Report

On behalf of the retiring Treasurer, Jonathan presented audited accounts for the period 01 Apr 2016 – 31 December 2016 and summary copies were available for members at the meeting.  Total income for the year amounted to  £3249.68. Total expenditure for the year amounted to £4009.61 of which £2756.82 was related to the 25th Anniversary Party.

The Michael Dufty Partnership Limited, supported by Dave Whale from JayJay, had audited this year’s accounts and were willing to act again for CQBHA next year.  They were duly proposed, seconded and accepted unanimously by the meeting.

Election of Officers

No new nominations had been received and all the current committee members were willing to stand for re-election. The Chairman suggested that the committee be re-elected en bloc in their current roles with Sandra Watson replacing Sarah Cloke as Treasurer. This was proposed by Clive Snow, seconded by Adrian Webb and accepted unanimously.

After a short break, the meeting resumed to listen to the guest speakers.

Guest Speaker 1:  Lyn Parsons – Dorset Police Marine Section

Lyn began by explaining that the Dorset Police Marine Section had suffered reduced resources over a number of years and had actually ‘disappeared’ for 2 years. It had now been re-instated and comprised a Sergeant and 2 officers with a RIB (call sign ‘Alarm’) that required 2 staff to operate. There was a possibility that the number of officers could increase to 3 in the future. The section covered the harbour and Dorset coastline. Lyn stressed several times that the section depended on help from the public. She asked members to be vigilant and report anything unusual or suspicious – thus proving a need for the section. She recommended that to report an incident in progress – use 999, otherwise use 101 or 01202 222222, email (for the attention of the Marine Section) or visit the DPMS office on Poole Quay.  If marine incidents were not reported, then staff could be re-deployed to land work instead. DPMS staff were not on duty 24/7, but shifts were flexible.  They could be changed to react to intelligence from the public.

The section was involved in Project Kraken, which has been re-launched.  It is a National Crime Agency, Police and Border Force initiative to increase vigilance along the UK’s coastline and maritime environment, which can be exploited by terrorists and serious criminals. Examples of unusual or suspicious activity should be reported and could include for example fast RIBs offloading on a beach, increased activity at isolated coastal locations or at unusual times of the day, attempts to signal to vessels offshore or people showing an unusual interest in site structures, wharfs and equipment.

Lyn also publicised the Flare Amnesty on 15th April at the marina as part of the MDL Sea Safety event. She appealed for members to bring in their out-of-date flares, so demonstrating there was a need for an annual amnesty.

In answers to questions from the audience, Lyn confirmed that reports could be made while at sea using VHF radio to the Coastguard.  While there was little evidence that crime was increasing in Poole Harbour – this was probably because it was not being reported. Favourite items for thieves included jet skis, outboard engines, canoes and tenders. Marina crimes should be reported to the Marina, but also to the Marine Police. Poaching of fish was common and often related to other crime such as theft of fishing equipment. Special constables sometimes go out on the PHC launch to deal with reports of anti-social behaviour. The Poole Harbour Watch scheme was poorly supported at present – with only 2 yacht clubs involved. Jonathan offered to promote Project Kraken and the DPMS through the CQBHA Facebook page, website and monthly email newsletter.

Lyn concluded by saying that the DPMS staff were always pleased to be invited on board bigger vessels – especially as their RIB had no kettle or loo!

Guest Speaker 2:  Dave Wilson – Marina Manager – Cobb’s Quay

Dave began by stating that he and Richard were in frequent communication with Lyn and staff at DMPC. 23 marina staff and CCTV currently enforced security at the marina. Staff would challenge anyone behaving suspiciously and the access codes for the pontoons would be changed in April.

Dave had attended a Bridges Operating Board (BOB) meeting on the previous day and could report that the Poole Bridge maintenance was behind schedule, partly because 11 electric cables were discovered unexpectedly which delayed piling. The BOB meeting on 9th June would discuss the Twin Sails Bridge lift schedule for the school summer holidays – and Dave would be asking for hourly lifts.

The Bridge Operators had been invited to the Marina to help develop a good working relationship.

In the Facilities Block, the Family rooms had been shut for refurbishment. New cleaning contractors had been hired and a countdown monitor installed. The cleaning company owners – Lee & Fran – keep a boat at the Marina – so could easily check up. Also the ventilation was being improved. Undercover bicycle racks would be installed – and several chained up ‘dead’ bikes would be removed. New car parking stickers and new season ‘gift packs’ would be ready for collection by Easter. Wording of the Berthing contract had been changed in response to the ‘Beds on Board’ and similar phenomena.

The Marina was acquiring a new 40T hoist, which would be capable of lifting any boat in the marina and moving it to the Saltmarsh building. The Marina had used two 2 generators last year, but these would not be needed when a new 1000 amp substation was installed for the winter.

Dave promoted the 4 hour Sea Safety event which would include the Flare Amnesty, a boat fire demo and RNLI life jacket checks. Paul Glatzel from PBTUK would be running demos including deploying and getting aboard a life raft, man overboard recovery and EPIRBs. As 14 boats would be away on a CQBHA cruise, any flares could be left with a neighbour. Sadly it was not possible to have a ‘firework’ display using the out-of-date flares for health & safety reasons! MDL would be supplying free cakes and drinks.

MDL would be sponsoring the CQBHA cruise to Port Hamble and was again offering a discounted pre-Christmas cruise to St Malo with Brittany Ferries.

There were 2 new tenants at the Marina – ‘Paintworks’ which had a spray booth facility in the Saltmarsh building and a company selling Jetskis.

Dave apologised for problems with winter lift-outs. In all 19 boats did not go back in the water on the scheduled date, which impacted on future lift-out bookings and car parking. To solve the problem of parked cars blocking boat movements, the marina had acquired ‘skates’ to re-locate the cars. An additional 5 staff would be employed during the summer to help around the marina.

In response to questions from the audience, Dave reported that he had ordered a leased line to improve WiFi access, which was currently shared with nearby housing. If this did not provide the required improvement, then extra repeaters may be installed.

Dave acknowledged that there was often a shortage of trolleys – partly because they were left on pontoons or commandeered by tenants. This was being addressed, but more trolleys would be purchased if required.

Water pressure problems were partly due to the requirement for RPZ valves. If members needed to fill up their large water tanks, then they should contact the MDL staff.

This year Harbour Dues rose by 5%, twice the rate of inflation, and had increased every year for at least 15 years – yet harbour users were not receiving anything extra. In fact some of the stake channel markers had been bent over, but had not been replaced. It was suggested that MDL should challenge this increase.  Jonathan offered to seek membership opinion and pass on responses to Dave for forwarding to Jim Stewart of PHC.  Jonathan urged members to mail him to add weight to the argument and, when these mails have been received, Jonathan will take up the issue.

It was also suggested that the BOB should extend its remit and become a Harbour Users Group.

The meeting closed at 12:25.


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