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Formal Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

The CQBHA Annual General Meeting will be held in the Cobbs Yacht Club starting at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday, 1st April 2017.


1.         Chairman’s Introduction and Annual Report

2.         Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts

3.         Election of Officers and Committee for the forthcoming year

4.         Appointment of Auditor

The minutes of last year’s AGM can be found on the CQBHA website at CQBHA 2016 AGM Minutes

Election of officers and committee members:

The current committee consists of 10 persons, most of whom are willing to offer themselves for re-election.  However we are always keen to recruit some enthusiastic ‘new blood’ to the committee with different ideas on how we can best serve the membership. This season, in particular, we are seeking new committee members who would be willing to take on the role of Social Events Coordinator or actively assist with the planning of social events.

Any person wishing to be considered for an officer or committee position should be a member of the Association.  Nominations must include the name of the proposer, a seconder, an indication of agreement from the nominee and his/her contact details.  Nominations should be made in advance, in writing (by email or by post) to the CQBHA Chairman by 25th March 2017.

Advance nominations are essential to enable the necessary election arrangements to be made and in the interests of managing time for our speakers, we will not take nominations from the floor at the AGM.

 Guest speakers:

 Following the completion of the formal agenda, Lyn Parsons from the Dorset Police Marine Section has kindly agreed to give a short presentation about marine policing within the Harbour.

 After this, members of the MDL management team at Cobbs Quay will give an update on operational matters at the marina.

 Questions to our guests will be invited ‘from the floor’ on the day.  However, it would help us ensure your question is addressed, if you lodge it in advance, in writing (by e-mail or by post) to the CQBHA Chairman by 25th March.

 Chairman:    Jonathan Saunders         

c/o Cobbs Quay Marina, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4EL 



The details and report for the 2016 AGM meeting are below

Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

held at Cobb’s Yacht Club on Saturday 19th March at 10.00am.


Committee Members Present:-
Apologies from Committee members:-
Jonathan Saunders – Chairman
Nina Dunne – Cruising Secretary
Kevin Butler – Vice Chairman
Carol Turner – Secretary
Sarah Cloke – Treasurer
Val Grant – Membership Secretary
Ian Wateridge – Merchandise & Resources
Jim Reynolds – Members Representative
Clive Snow – No Portfolio
Emma Butler – Dry Stack Liaison & Facebook Editor


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the guest speakers – Spencer Brown  – UK Sales Manager
Sunseeker Poole Ltd; and Cobb’s Quay MDL representatives:- Dave Wilson – Marina Manager – and Richard Marshall – Assistant Marina Manager.

Jonathan thanked the members for attending and also the Cobb’s Yacht Club for hosting the AGM.  He introduced the committee members and pontoon representatives present and thanked them for their efforts through the year.  He also reminded the audience that CQBHA burgees were available for sale at a special offer price of £15.

Minutes of 2015 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM held on 21st March 2015 had been posted on the CQBHA website and copies were available at the meeting. Tony Grant proposed that the minutes should be accepted. This was seconded by Kevin Butler and accepted unanimously. There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

Jonathan began by reviewing the Key Objectives of the Association for 2015:-

Purpose -      Bring people together to have a better experience cruising from Cobb’s Quay and Davis’

Vision     -      Enabling members to ‘Go Further‘

Key Strategies

-          Develop members’ experience of cruising from Cobb’s Quay

-          Continue to enhance communication with members

-          Promote safety and skills

-          Continue to be seen as a valuable partner by MD 

2015 Activities

Jonathan considered that CQBHA had been successful in the following activities during 2015:-

-          Develop quality relationships with the new MDL structure. (Unfortunately the new MD – Lesley Robinson was unable to attend the AGM)

-          Support an improved quality of experience at the Cobb’s Yacht Club

-          Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year (achieved 42 – partly due to MDL paying the one-off membership fee for new berth holders to Cobb’s Quay)

-          Continue to develop communication with members

-          Liaise with MDL to give value add to members enhancing our joint working

-          Use finances prudently to the benefit of all members

Moderately successful were:-

-          Positively influence the functionality of the bridges

-          Contribute to at least 3 social and training activities for the benefit of members

-          Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives

Least successful were :-

-          Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller/day boat users

-          Have a positive impact on the use of the Backwater Channel and the Harbour

-          Continue to develop a relationship with Davis’ Boatyard – office and members

Member Events during 2015 included:-

-          Cruises – which are still the core of what CQBHA does.

-          Events

  • ‘Black Tie’ dinner & dance
  • Summer party with MDL
  • Shooting evening

-          Development Opportunities

-          Shore based courses and practical event 

Association Successes for 2015 considered to be:-

-          Pontoons now installed in the basin between the bridges – thanks to MDL

-          Chance to input to lift timetable during Poole Bridge repairs

-          Membership increased by 42 this year – now in excess of 900 members

-          Communication

  • Website continues to develop – so make sure you visit it
  • Monthly member email newsletter  - ensure we have your email address
  • Facebook – ensure you ‘like’ us

-          See what we have done

  • Articles are now being published individually on the website
  • Photos also published on the website blog– but we struggle to get any from members!

-          Finances

  • Prudent financial control as ever
  • This year we will be using some funds to support the CQBHA 25th Anniversary Party

E Coms

-          Website statistics:-

  • 46296 hits this year…..average 126.83 hits per day
  • 98658 page views……average 270.29 page views per day,  2.13 pages per visit
  • 544 (0.6%) spams

-          Website has good range of advertisers – please mention CQBHA when you use them

-          Facebook has around 115 likes

-          Around 150 visits to the Photo Blog so far this month, total visits >10,000

Plans for 2016

The Purpose, Vision and Key Strategies of the Association remain unchanged for 2016.

The 2016 Activities remain unchanged for 2016, but the Committee’s priorities will be to:-

-          Positively influence the functionality of the bridges – especially during maintenance

-          Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller/day boat users

-          Support an improved quality of experience at the Cobb’s Yacht Club

-          Contribute to at least 2 social and training activities, for the benefit of members

-          Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives        

Detailed Plans for 2016 are:-

2016 Cruise programme

Kevin Butler told members that he had been running CQBHA cruises for 17 years.  While 2015 had seen an increase in cruise bookings over several preceding years, it was also the worst year for cruise cancellations due to bad weather! All marinas were reporting higher occupancy for 2016 and many now required a non-refundable deposit for organized cruises. The cruises planned for 2016 are:-

-          Shepard’s Wharf for Easter

-          Bembridge

-          Gosport

-          Portland

-          Dartmouth & Torquay

-          Port Hamble

-          Jersey & Guernsey

-          Berthon Marina day cruise

-          Weymouth August Bank Holiday Bash

Many are already full with a waiting list. Kevin stressed that places on CQBHA cruises were allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis and it continued to be a CQBHA requirement that participants attended the cruise briefing.


  • The Association plans to continue to encourage attendance at shore-based courses in association with Paul Glatzel from Powerboat Training for a £5 donation to charity
  • Paul spoke briefly about the planned courses, which included:-

-          Using your chart plotter effectively

-          Diesel Engine basics

-          Safety Kit use

  • Booking via Ian at the Quay Shop
  • Tell us what else you would like ….


  • Pontoon reps – especially need a yacht rep and another Dry Stack rep
  • Continuing MDL/CQBHA contact
  • Promote member interests to the Bridges Operating Board (BOB)


  • Special events for Dry Stackers with a day boat cruise and overnight stay
  • Rifle Shoot on May 21st
  • RNLI visit – are you interested?
  • Keen to involve yacht members – maybe even establish a yacht specific section? – need volunteers
  • CQBHA 25th Anniversary Party

Twin Sails Bridge/Poole Bridge

  • Enhance quality of the influence through Dave Wilson (the leisure rep on the Bridges Operating Board)
  • Respond positively to any consultation requests – need member input


  • Monthly e newsletter – make sure we have your up to date email and other details
  • Website – important to look at it regularly – it’s where we put news
  • Articles, info and photos – please contribute and take a look
  • Facebook – please like us!!

CQBHA 25th Anniversary Party – 25th June 2016

  • THE event of the year
  • International band – Star Party Band
  • Hog roast and alternative
  • Tickets stay at £6 and will be available from the Quay Shop and the MDL Office
  • 25th Anniversary souvenir
  • Great raffle prizes
  • Book early for prize draw – and to avoid disappointment over food choice
  • May be an Anniversary cake
  • A bigger marquee and everyone will have a seat
  • Memorabilia display – please contribute!
  • Funded by MDL, CQBHA and sponsorship
  • Support us please!!


  • During 2015/16 your Committee has continued to work hard to take the Association forward – but we need more ideas of want you want
  • Other events – any ideas for events to engage all berth holders as well as CQBHA members?
  • Cruising is still at the heart of the Association – same for 2016 – great to see many takers new and old
  • Bridge repairs in late 2016/2017
  • The PARTY!!!!!!!
  • CQBHA – “Enabling members to go further” 

Treasurer’s Report

Sarah presented audited accounts for 2015/16 and summary copies were available for members at the meeting.  CQBHA had made a profit of £775.39 compared to last year’s loss of £93.41. Increased income had arisen from new members, cruise booking fees and the Black Tie Dinner & Dance. Increased expenditure was due to new computer equipment for the Moving Weather display in the Shower block and a non-refundable deposit for berthing on the West Country cruise – which had to be cancelled due to bad weather.  The payment of the 2015 RYA Affiliation fee was delayed, so will appear in next year’s accounts. The Association will be using some of its accrued funds to offset costs of the CQBHA 25th Anniversary Party.

To assist in the preparation of CQBHA accounts in time for the AGM, Sarah put forward a motion proposing to change the financial year-end to 31st December from the current 31st March.  This was seconded by Peter Hayton and carried unanimously.

The Michael Dufty Partnership Limited, supported by Dave Whale from JayJay, had audited this year’s accounts and was willing to act again for CQBHA next year.  They were duly proposed and seconded and accepted unanimously by the meeting.

Election of Officers

No new nominations had been received and all the current committee members were willing to stand for re-election. The Chairman suggested that the committee be re-elected en bloc in their current roles. The committee was proposed by Roger Squires, seconded by Tony Grant and accepted unanimously on this basis.

The Chairman then declared the official business of the AGM completed at 10:55.

After a short break, the meeting resumed to listen to the guest speakers.

Guest Speaker 1:  Spencer Brown – UK Sales Manager, Sunseeker Poole.

To a background video of Sunseeker boats, Spencer reminded the audience that the Sunseeker brand began with small boats built by Robert Braithwaite in Poole almost 50 years ago. Since then the brand has expanded geographically and now has 5 overseas ‘territories’ and regularly sells boats over 100ft long. Although the company now has Chinese owners, Spencer stressed that the company is proud of its connection with Poole, intends staying in Poole and remaining a British icon!

In 2016, the company hands over its first 52ft model, which will be berthed at Cobb’s Quay. In addition, the popular 40ft Portofino model will be re-launched.

The CQBHA AGM coincided with a 3 day Sunseeker Open Weekend and Spencer invited the audience to attend. He was also keen to say that Sunseeker did not wish to be elitist and their boats were open for anyone to explore at the London and Southampton Boat Shows. Spencer concluded his presentation with an offer of a VIP Factory Tour as a raffle prize at the CQBHA 25th Anniversary Party.

In the Q&A session, Spencer acknowledged that the Twin Sails bridge had had some impact on the Sunseeker business – in particular on boat movements. The Sunseeker marina in front of the City Bay Views Restaurant was still owned by Mr Braithwaite – and was ‘safe’ for the next 18 months. However the proposed redevelopment of this area might force some relocation and splitting of Sunseeker functions.

Guest Speaker 2:  Dave Wilson – Marina Manager – Cobb’s Quay

Dave began by showing the audience a short video entitled ‘Reasons to be cheerful at Cobbs Quay’. This included clips of events, on site businesses, the Marina staff, the Hoist and the berth holders during 2015. Another similar film was planned for 2016.

Improvements planned at the Marina included repainting the entrance; repainting, new flooring and lighting in the Shower block; and new hairdryers for the Ladies showers. Groundsmen had been recruited to keep the site tidy.

Richard Marshall demonstrated the new air draft measuring device, which would be kept on the fuel pontoon for berth holders to measure the air draft of their boats. This will give a measurement in both metric and feet and inches. In conjunction with current air draft measurements on the pontoon posts, this should help skippers decide whether they need to wait for bridge lifts. Dave also promised a current air draft measurement for the Dry Stackers.

A list of events planned at CQ during 2016 had now been published and several were being organised in conjunction with CQBHA and the Cobb’s Yacht Club. Events included the New Berth Holders’ breakfast, the Tyder Cup to raise funds for Julia’s House, RNLI Life Jacket checks, the Barracuda and Dogfish Dave fishing competitions, cycling events, Father’s Day and Cleat Challenges, children’s Crabbing competition, a vineyard tour and of course the CQBHA 25th Anniversary Summer party. Dave made special mention of the MDL Berth Holder’s Party Cruise to St Malo – now in its 10th year.  Last year berth holders from 14 MDL marinas took part and this year Dave was hoping to get 50 from Cobb’s Quay. Cobb’s Quay staff would be manning a stand at this year’s Poole Harbour Boat Show and inviting visitors to try the RIB simulator challenge.

New taps would be installed on D pontoon. To comply with a Wessex Water directive, hoses now had to be disconnected from taps after use to avoid possible contamination. Electrics would be upgraded and eventually a new substation installed to avoid the need for a generator in the winter.

Long-term maintenance on Poole Town Bridge would start at the end of September 2016 and run until Easter 2017, resulting in changes to the Twin Sails lift schedule. Following consultation with CQBHA, Dave had successfully lobbied the Bridges Operating Board to retain the 16:30 lift (rather than the proposed 16:00 lift suggested by the council to minimise the impact of employees leaving the Sunseeker site). Maintenance progress would be reviewed in December and if the completion date was delayed, Dave would press for additional lifts for the peak season. Anyone interested in a Bridge Tour should contact Jim Reynolds .

New berthing packs would be available from Easter and these included car-parking passes. This year Harbour Dues would be invoiced by MDL – with a 10% early payment discount. This was to assist with office administration. PHC would ask for a list of non-payers – so if you have paid PHC direct, please let the office know. You can pay online and collect the sticker from the office.

Boatylicious had now left the site and was being replaced by Fine Design. This would create 48 extra car parking spaces for Berth Holders.

During the Q&A session, Dave was alerted to wash problems on D pontoon, caused by boats speeding to the Dry Stack or fuel pontoon.  A similar problem was reported on A pontoon, often caused by Jet Skis or boats entering Davis’. Dave promised extra ‘No Wash’ signage and requested that incidents be reported to the office immediately, so that CCTV footage could be used to identify the offenders.

Storage for bicycles was also requested. Dave acknowledged that bicycles were a problem around the yard and was investigating a special bike rack 

Members also raised the confusion over berthing renewals this year, the apparent loss of the early payment discount and direct debit surcharges. Roger Squires had written to the new MD – Lesley Robinson – but received an unsatisfactory response. She had since promised to visit CQ and discuss the matter face-to-face with disgruntled berth holders. On behalf of MDL, Dave apologised for the confusion and for the Landrover branding on the renewals letter.

In response to complaints about the cleanliness of the Shower Block, the family rooms would be steam cleaned and the cleaning contractor changed. Dave was also producing a business case for a bigger hoist – 40 tons – costing £153,000.

The meeting closed at 11:58.


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