Chairman’s Address

Jonathan Chairman’s Update Autumn 2017


Well, once again, my Summer Update talked about improving weather.  I reckon we did have slightly better weather than last year – but not by much!


In this update.  Southampton Boat Show, Pontoon Reps, Poole Bridge Maintenance, Cruising in Company, Cobbs Quay Marina Summer Party, Facebook, Newsletter and Web site and Feedback.

Southampton Boat Show

Did you go?  I did and had the chance to meet CQ Marina Manager Dave Wilson.  I just got the feeling that there were a few less boats there from the motor boat players – except Sunseeker of course.  There looked to be more yachts to my mind – and a number of interesting offerings besides.  I saw several of those hand held jet ‘scooters’ that are used while swimming.

I also went on a Hardy 65.  Wow!  £2m and it was an owners boat from Guernsey.  Massive luxury and all the toys from water maker and ice maker to two generators.  She was 2 years in the making.  Another interesting visit aboard was on a Sunseeker.  Completely separate entrance to the master suite and a very luxurious bathing platform with a very flash shower!

Pontoon Reps

We still have a full team of pontoon reps so each pontoon has a ‘go to’ person to discuss matters CQBHA and marina.  Have a look at the pontoon heads to see who the reps are on your pontoon and where they are berthed.  Before too long you might even get a free key ring! Pontoon Reps Page Link

Please take the chance to talk about any issues with them and to suggest any ideas you have of things we should do.

Poole Bridge – Open for Christmas?!

The major repairs to the old Poole Bridge are (hopefully) coming to an end after a significant delay to the planned finish time.

The Autumn/Winter lifting schedule has been agreed and will be published via LNTMs (Local Notice to Mariners).  Essentially the Twin Sails Bridge will lift hourly from 0530 hrs to 2330 hrs except 0830 hrs, 1130 hrs, 1330 hrs, 1530 hrs, 1730 hrs, 1930 hrs and 2130 hrs.  On weekends and on Bank Holidays there will be a 1730 hrs lift.

One leaf of Poole Bridge may/will be down from 0745 hrs to 1815 hrs and Poole Bridge is expected to reopen by Christmas.

Cruising in Company

There were 8 cruises planned in total by Kevin.  Very disappointingly we unfortunately had to cancel 3 of them – Gosport, Guernsey and our main trip to Jersey, Guernsey and St Quay Portrieux).  These were weather cancellations and all with safety and comfort in mind.  Often it was either the outgoing or return trip that was in question rather than the whole time but ‘ain’t that just typical’!!

On a more positive note we did get to go to Shepard’s Wharf, Bembridge and Portland, Port Hamble (where the Cobbs Quay MDL team provided a great lunch!!) and the best possible conditions for the final trip to of the season to Weymouth and back with a Pimm’s on the pontoon party while we were there.

Cruising is the main reason we exist – cruising in company.  You get the reassurance of going on a cruise, maybe that bit further away, with the support and camaraderie of others in the association.

A similar number of cruises are planned for next year.  Some will be being arranged by Kevin at the Boat Show.  We are planning 1 Channel crossing and some 3 night weekend trips.  Keep your eyes on the web site and look out for the newsletter for bookings to start early next year.

Cobbs Quay Marina Party

Saturday 22nd July was the date for the Cobbs Quay Summer party.  Thanks to the Cobbs Quay MDL team who this time did all of the arranging.  They produced a varied and well attended celebration.  There was a great band and great food (ever popular hog roast).  Thanks to a Dalek who was threatening to exterminate people who didn’t buy raffle tickets a lot of money was also raised for charity as well as everybody having a great time.

Facebook, Newsletter & Web Site

Facebook is now a key part of our communication with you, our members.  I think we are getting closer to 200 likes now!  People are also commenting on and liking some of our posts which is great for us!!  If you are a Facebook user keep your eyes out for the pictures and videos of our antics!

We use Facebook for things that need ‘instant’ contact such as bridge closures, short notice LNTMs and to show some of the goings on in photos so I hope it will be useful to you.

I would be interested to hear what you think about our Facebook page – or, if you are a Facebook user, maybe you would like to ‘like us’?

Jim prepares and sends out a monthly newsletter of topical items.  If you are not getting yours please let me know.

And last but not least we have this web site for all the information about CQBHA and as a key resource for weather, marine services and a host of other information (make sure you mention the web site when you visit our advertisers).

Is anybody out there?

We would love to take it that your silence means that we are doing a good job but we need your feedback.  Could I once again ask that you let us know if we are doing a good job, a bad job or if want us to do something differently.

I wish you safe passage.

Jonathan Saunders