Chairman’s Address

Chairman’s Update Summer 2021

Crikey.  Normally I begin the Summer update with a weather report.  Well, as I am writing this we have had some pretty cold, wet and windy weather and I am not sure it is showing much signs of abating!  Where is Summer?

I wonder, though, if it is the weather that makes things bright or is it our life experiences?  Maybe any of you who have bought a new boat recently, or been on a trip, could share your experiences with me – and the Association – with a line or two and maybe a photograph?  We are really keen to get photographs so people can see how much fun we have!  E mail me if you can.  We are also really keen to hear from you!!

In this update :- Poole Bridges, Events, Cruising and Facebook Forum, Facebook, Newsletter and Web Site.

Poole Bridges

Don’t want to speak too soon but I think the bridges have been working pretty well.  We are back to a normal lift schedule and, apart from sorting the IALA lights out (they are apparently obsolete and the Council have been quoted a major sum for replacements) things seem OK (sshh not to loud!!).

We are in contact with the Council via the Bridges Operating Board.  In truth there is very little progress or action in recent times.  Through Frank Gelder (who is the Leisure rep on the Bridges Operating Board) I raised around a dozen issues.  I hope that the Council will respond positively and address them – eventually!  I will let you know via the newsletter and Facebook when there is something substantive to say by way of a result.

Amongst what we are trying to achieve is :-

  • Timely information about bridge issues (Whatsapp, web site or similar)
  • Planned contingency for returning boats in case of breakdown
  • Fixing the lights and height markers
  • Some confidence in the bridge working effectively into the future

If you let me know if you have any problems I can pass them on.


Well, these have not happened because of the situation with regard to Covid but we hope to bring them back but maybe not until next season?

Please let me know if you have other ideas that may be of interest to you and other members.


Don’t forget this is the main reason we exist – cruising in company.  The raison d’etre is that you can get the reassurance of going on a trip, maybe that bit further away, with the support and camaraderie of others in the association.  Going out and, of course, returning with other members of the trip.

This year has been a challenging one for cruising with the impact of the pandemic forcing cancellations but we seem to be OK now.

With Peter Hayton’s help we have pulled together some bookings this year to Ocean Village, Shepards Warf on the Medina and, upcoming, bookings in Portland and Weymouth in August.  Sadly the pandemic forced cancellation of the planned Port Hamble trip earlier in the year.

This year we are running things differently.  We plan and organise the marina bookings and help people to come together to plan the trip  and have a great time.

Detailed information is also prepared for each person who is going on the trip with ideas on routes, tides and things to watch out for, what to expect getting to the marina etc.

People will be encouraged (expected?) to meet up the night before the cruise to agree final details including departure times.  Also, to make the important go/no go safety decision.  We have set up a closed Facebook group for those taking advantage of the bookings to make arrangements.

Check out our Cruise Programme page on the web site.  Although many cruises fill up quickly people do drop out so it is often worth getting on the waiting list.  We operate on a strict ‘first come first served’ basis to ensure fairness.

Facebook Members Forum, Facebook, Newsletter & Web Site

Remember we have our members only Facebook forum – ‘Cobbs Quay Bertholders Association Forum’.  We hope people will use this for discussions, advice, looking for crew, telling people where you are going and inviting people to come with you and so much more.  Please join if you haven’t already.

We also have a Facebook page.  We have around 300 likes now!  People are also commenting on and liking some of our posts which is great for us!!

We use Facebook for things that need ‘instant’ contact such as bridge closures as well as the social interest ‘stuff’ so I hope it will be useful to you.

We also have the web site as a resource for marine services and other information (make sure you mention the web site when you visit them) and a monthly newsletter.

Go to the web site for updates, events, LNTMs that are relevant and much, much more – take a look.

Are we doing what you want?

Finally your committee is keen to be sure we are doing what you want so we need your feedback.  Could I ask that you let us know if we are doing a good job, a bad job or if want us to do something differently.

I wish you safe passage.

Jonathan Saunders