Social Events

Social Events

2011 Summer Party

Disappointingly the Summer party in 2011 was less well supported than it had been in previous years.  This was a surprise as we held the cost to an exceptionally low £10, thanks to support from MDL, who provided the food.  Despite this, and the generosity of party goers in the raffle and auction and the profit from the bar, we did not cover the costs.  This was demotivating for the members of the Committee and others who put in many hours of work long before the day, on the day and after.

We had our usual boat jumble in the Spring and people brought along their old or not so old ‘bits and pieces’ or simply came along for a look around.

We had intended to organize another Summer Party for 2012 in The Boat House. We had decided to go down this route to contain costs and also to work with the Boat House once again who were prepared to sponsor the welcome drink and  MDL once again were going to support us with the food.  However, the support from members was so low, with only 15 tickets sold up to 2 weeks before the event, the committee decided, with great sadness, to cancel it.

Harbour Office Visit

We did offer the popular visits to Harbour Control again and also to the Bridges control room.  This gave people the chance to see ‘big brother’ and to ask any questions about using the Harbour or the bridges.


Hopefully there will be much more membership participation and enthusiasm for 2013 and we will, once again, be able to have a full program of events to make your time at Cobb’s Quay marina really enjoyable. It’s up to every one of us to make the effort.