2017 Cruise Online Booking Form

For 2017, in response to many requests from members, we have moved to a new online booking system for cruises.  The aim of this is to make it easier for you and also to ensure that all details are sent to enable us to ensure that bookings are processed promptly.

You will see a number of fields in our new, online booking form where you are required to give information to help the organizers facilitate your needs. You will only be able to send your  Cruise Booking form if ALL the relevant required sections are filled in correctly. Once filled in simply hit the send button and you’re on your way to joining our 2017 cruising program.

Once your Cruise Booking form has been sent you will immediately receive a payment email with the CQBHA bank account details into which you should pay for the cruises you’ve booked. Only when the cruise payment monies are in the bank will you be put on the cruises you’ve chosen. The timing of your payment will enable us to prioritise bookings and definitely ensure that people book on a ‘first come first served’ basis. 

We hope you find this system fair.   We will still hold a waiting list for over subscribed cruises in case members drop out for any reason.

To book for your 2017 cruises with CQBHA please go to our new online Booking Form HERE from January 25th 2017 

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