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Trips to book:
- Easter Shepherds Wharf cruise - 10th April - 13th April - £15
- Port Hamble cruise - 8th May - 10th May - £15
- Whitsun Ocean Village cruise - 23rd May - 25th May - £15
- Portland Marina cruise - 1st - 2nd Aug - £15
- Weymouth Bank Holiday cruise - 29th - 31st Aug - £15

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If you bring a dog on a cruise in the UK, NO guarantee can be given that you will have an alongside berth so dogs are brought on this understanding and at your own risk.

No Dogs Allowed on Cross Channel Events.

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You have confirmed your agreement that the organisers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury caused to the owner/skipper/crew or craft as a result of taking part in any event. Moreover, every owner/skipper warrants the suitability of his/her craft and crew for these events.

It is recognised that those cruise leaders from the CQBHA and also others who come on the cruises do so as unpaid, ‘non professionals’ and pay for their own fuel. As well as the social reasons the purpose of cruising in company is that someone is there to support you in case of need. If you are helped by another vessel and it incurs additional fuel costs, for example, it is expected that you will offer financial or other recompense.

If, in booking on a cruise, you have a boat that is 15 mtrs LOA or longer we can only accept you on the cruise at the discretion of the hosting marina(s).

In requesting a place, confirming your agreement and submitting this form you give your consent to CQBHA using photographs relevant to the cruises on their website.

Here at CQBHA we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your membership and cruise bookings and to provide the information and services you have requested from us. Your details will never be shared with third parties other than for these express purposes and never for the purposes of marketing or similar.

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